Mar 23, 2017

Another snippet.

This was started, restarted and now started again another drafts queue dollop...
Way back around Thanksgiving I wrote about self indulgent parents and today once again I found myself in a situation with the selfsame parents. You’ve heard of lose/lose situations? This could best be described as one of them.

Imagine if you will going through the ordeal of a funeral. Feeling nothing but empathy for the people who were closest to the deceased, trying to do your best to be there for them and then finding yourself poked and prodded (quite literally) by a child where the parent cannot be bothered to supervise their issue.

Some things simply beggar the imagination.

What’s laughable is watching the indignity of the irate mother who bristles because you have the audacity to scold her child for intruding on your own person, as if that is a lesson you should have to teach anyone else’s child - the simple act of behaving oneself at what is supposed to be a solemn occasion.

I’ve seen a lot through the years but some things take the cake.

I feel bad for a child in that situation because a child takes its cues from the parent and if a parent isn’t doing their job it’s not like you should blame the child for it. I apologized to the mother, not in earnest but in embarrassment for the parent failing in their job. The irony is in watching someone who is ‘smart’ not realizing you’re doing something for their benefit and could actually care less...
Anyway, I know exactly the incident I was describing here...

In this case, the kid in question spent the better part of one Thanksgiving dinner under the table trying to punch me in the balls. I was telling another cousin about this and he said I should have just kicked the child but as much of an ass as I am I wouldn't do that. I was mystified by the situation however and actually blame the parents for this.

The parents, both of whom are teachers have an attitude about them if you’re being quite honest. My family (or at least that part) for the most part can be somewhat provincial but the parents in question... well they are ‘special’ in quite their own way.

It wasn’t the first time this kid acted up and truthfully I figured it to be an extension of the parents and their attitude towards me. They didn’t deal with the problem when it was addressed with them in the past because it wasn’t the first time the child had misbehaved or the first time it had been bought to their attention. It simply was a matter that they didn’t care or they didn’t think enough to address it, that much is quite clear.

Anyway, from time to time I am blessed with the wonderful experience of passing stones.

My father had this, my uncle had it and as I got into my forties it popped up for me as well. It took a bit of time though for me to make the connection with what was happening. You don’t necessarily know that wonderful ache you’ve been feeling is something other than some kind of muscle thing, it takes awhile to make the connection even if you are one of those people that runs off to the doctor all the time.

In my case it took a couple of times for me to get it.

I’ve had a couple of times now over the years where it got REALLY bad. Fortunately not so bad where I had to go and get a medical procedure done but let me tell you you would be amazed at how much water a person can force themselves to drink when they’re not someone who usually drinks a lot of water.

I mean I’ve had a time or two when I could actually tell where the thing was at it moved around!

Anyway, this day in question the little brat was behind me at a table with other children in attendance and decided to sneak up behind me and give me two good wallops right where I was feeling especially tender from a stone.

Think the kind of pain you feel if you’ve ever twisted your back and you move suddenly magnified by 100... even that isn’t close.

And as I said I turned around and told the kid quite tersely to ‘STOP THAT! SIT DOWN!’

For that I was pilloried... I became persona non grata and the mother of said child had a meltdown it was all very dramatic. Quite the issue, really... things ranged from ‘you don’t yell at someone else’s child’ to defenses of the kids behavior and then I won’t even go into what the father of said child and his cousin said that was overheard (clowns).

Thing is when I was growing up and you misbehaved you got flack from adults it wasn’t all about the precious little child and I imagine that’s how things have changed in the world.

Now, I haven’t seen the kid or the parents since and ask me, am I upset?

There was as I said some sturm and drang and fallout that lasted for some time but really, feh.

I’m waiting... the kid is getting into those teenage years. You know you get a feeling about things. I’m waiting because I get every sense given the parents and the child’s behavior there should be some interesting stories in the offing. Either way glad they’re gone at least from my orbit.

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